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The UnCAGED System, Part 2: Triad Voice Leading in Major Keys

The UnCAGED System, Part 2: Triad Voice Leading in Major Keys

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Part 2 of my fretboard harmony study series, The UnCAGED System. This volume explores voice leading in the context of a major key, or in other words, progressing from one chord to another in musical and intentional ways. The aim is to take the triad voicings we explored in Part 1 and place them in a highly practical musical context.

I don't like to make salesy, grandiose claims that any of my study books will "revolutionize" or "completely transform" your guitar playing, but... I feel especially confident that this one will. It is applicable to players of virtually all styles of music, and it is intended to greatly expand your harmonic vocabulary on the guitar.

And since you'll probably ask, this series is in no way anti-CAGED System. It's more about expanding upon and looking beyond CAGED. If you don't know what the CAGED System is, that's okay, it isn't a prerequisite to using this book.

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