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12 Etudes for Solo Guitar

12 Etudes for Solo Guitar

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This is a set of 12 of my own original guitar etudes. They are miniature pieces for solo guitar that are each aimed at developing specific components of your technique. They are intended to be played with a classical, fingerstyle technique, but a nylon-string guitar is not a requirement.

In terms of difficulty, they range from roughly a mid-beginner to intermediate level. They each present unique challenges while remaining accessible to a variety of experience levels.

The book includes two notated versions of each etude: one that is in standard notation only, and another in combination standard notation and tablature. All of my preferred fingerings are included in both versions.

While they do have technical aims, they are not simply mechanical, didactic exercises. These are actual pieces of music that may be played for your own (or others') enjoyment. There are videos available on my YouTube channel of me playing all of them if you'd like to hear them. You can access the entire playlist here.

Title List

  1. Eugene
  2. To Rain Forever
  3. Dane
  4. Elegy to Aunt Mare
  5. Walk & Talk
  6. Kayaderosseras
  7. Cribbage
  8. Keene
  9. Fire Weather
  10. Variation on a Theme by Matthew Dunne
  11. Locking Mechanism
  12. The Grinder

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Number of Pages: 73

Notation Style: Standard Notation + Tablature

Format: PDF download only

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