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The Left-Hand Gauntlet, Volume 4: Melodic Minor Scales (Ascending)

The Left-Hand Gauntlet, Volume 4: Melodic Minor Scales (Ascending)

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A series of fretting hand exercises for navigating all melodic minor scales on the guitar any which way. They are intended to help the player break free of boxes and shapes, better understand the internal structures of scales, and be able to flow seamlessly all over the neck. This volume contains only the ascending form of the melodic minor scale, also known as the jazz melodic minor, or the altered scale.

The guiding premise of the Left-Hand Gauntlet series is that it is only possible to navigate the fretboard in four directions: along the strings, across the strings, and along both diagonals in between. The exercises force the player to traverse a given scale and all of its modes in each of these four directions, in all 12 transpositions. Simply doing what the book tells you will vastly expand your fretboard fluency, but as with any exercises such as these, the potential for deeper study is there if you pay attention and let yourself be curious. Don't be afraid to deviate from what's on the page. Play around with everything.

Don't let the title intimidate you either. It's not a marathon. It's meant to strengthen and fortify your fretting hand. And no, it doesn't matter if you're left- or right-handed. Anyone can use this book. The earlier you begin working on this sort of material in your study of the guitar, the better.

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