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Hopscotch, Volume 1: Diatonic Interval Studies

Hopscotch, Volume 1: Diatonic Interval Studies

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A study of diatonic intervals on the guitar that aims to meet several practice goals. It explores the major scale and all of its modes by navigating them in broken intervals. It’s called Hopscotch because you’re, well, hopping around.

These exercises will help train finger independence, awareness of interval structures with a given key, awareness of modal structures, and interval fingering shapes. It includes all 12 major scales and all of their modes, each in broken thirds, fourths, fifths, and so on up through tenths. All of my suggested fretting-hand fingerings are included as well.

A PDF download is included with purchase of the print version. This book is also available to purchase as a standalone PDF download here.

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Number of Pages: 387

Notation Style: Standard Notation + Tablature

Format: Print book + PDF download

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