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The UnCAGED System, Part 1: Triads

The UnCAGED System, Part 1: Triads

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The UnCAGED System is not a thing. I made it up. The title is a jab at the ever popular CAGED System and its tendency to produce guitarists who find themselves feeling stuck in boxes wishing they knew the fretboard better. I'm not completely knocking it, but we would all do well to recognize that it's a "guitar hack", and hacks are shortcuts, and shortcutting your learning doesn't make any sense for things you take seriously. Things like music and guitar, I would hope.

This book is a study of fretboard harmony. It is intended to help you deeply explore chord structure and examine how these structures live on the guitar. If after spending time with this book, you go from being able to play, say, a C major chord three different ways to more ways than you can count, then you will have learned what I have set out to teach you. When making music on the guitar, we should only be limited by our imaginations, not boxes and patterns.

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Number of Pages: 85

Notation Style: Standard Notation + Tablature

Format: Print book + PDF download

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