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120 Fingerstyle Arpeggio Studies

120 Fingerstyle Arpeggio Studies

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Mauro Giuliani's Studio per la chitarra ("study of the guitar"), Opus 1, is a guitar method first published in 1812. It opens with 120 arpeggio studies outlining the same two chords, but all using unique plucking patterns with the right-hand fingers. These studies are bread and butter for classical guitar students, but they are excellent for developing strong fingerstyle technique for playing any style of music.

I have taken the original studies and transcribed them into a modern notation that is accessible to guitarists of any background and experience level. The top staff is in standard notation and contains the original notes as Giuliani wrote them. The bottom staff is similar to tablature, except it illustrates the plucking patterns instead of fret numbers. This provides a clear visualization of each pattern while also giving the freedom to apply them to any chords you like (p = thumb, i = index, m = middle, a = ring).

These exercises are a must for any guitarist working to develop their fingerstyle technique!

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